Protect your life on every device

F-Secure SAFE is built to protect you in the online world. We want you to enjoy life without worrying — explore the internet, enjoy online shopping, watch videos, listen to music, communicate with your family and friends and let F-Secure SAFE keep you protected. Our award-winning security looks out for you and the people close to you, on every device, all the time.


Comprehensive protection

F-Secure SAFE is the only protection you need. We’ve made it as easy as possible for you to cover your entire life online. With F-Secure SAFE you no longer need separate security products to protect your laptops, smartphones and tablets. Protect your life on every device with one service. Simple. Powerful. Reliable.

The best protection for today’s needs

Knowing more about your online safety puts you in control. Your armband gives you information on your run and your household devices report on various everyday activities, so it is only logical that your security should also prove its effectiveness in your day-to-day life. F-Secure SAFE is designed to give you concrete information on how we protect you. Even when you’re not actively using SAFE, it will still work in the background to give you the best protection. Stay aware, safe, and connected.


Smart security can be simple

Security should not require tech wizardry. Despite multiple security features like virus protection, browsing protection, and many more, we’ve made it hassle-free and intuitive for you to use it all. Forget juggling with endless licenses, updates, or other time-consuming and troublesome stuff. In its simplicity, F-Secure SAFE gives you control. To stay safe, simply log in and switch the protection on.


Stay safe together

We know that ensuring dependable online safety can be complicated and time-consuming — especially if it’s for several people, each with their own devices, their own way of using the Internet, favorite apps, and in different locations. F-Secure SAFE keeps both you and the people nearest to you safe.


Protect your whole family online

We all know nasty things can happen on the Internet. As a good parent, you want to guide your kids and ensure that they stay sheltered when they explore the digital world, especially when you’re not there to watch over them. F-Secure SAFE lets you set healthy boundaries and look out for your family’s well-being, and lets them get the most out of the good stuff the online world has to offer.

The key features that keep you safe



Protect your privacy and security — keep your devices safe from viruses, trojans, and spyware.



Explore the Internet, and handle your online shopping and banking without worries.



Make sure that your Internet connection is safe.



Protect your entire family with a single service.


Windows 10 compatibility

F-Secure SAFE supports Windows 10. This support covers new installations of the SAFE client on a Windows 10 PC, as well as existing installations after upgrading from Windows 7/8.x to Windows 10.


What’s new

  • Completely new My F-Secure user portal for managing F-Secure SAFE
  • New and improved Antitheft is now available under the name Finder
  • F-Secure SAFE software supports now Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan), Android 6 (Marshmallow) and iOS 9 (iPhones and iPads)
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“It’s unusual to get multi-platform cover for this price. Well laid out and generally easy to navigate.”

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Best protection in the world, four years in a row!

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“A stable and secure protection, easy to install and user-friedly.”

Sofie Magnusson