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Flextivity Complete

All-in-one security & employee productivity
Flextivity Complete is a cloud-based security and activity monitoring solution that helps business owners protect their company Macs and office networks while giving them powerful tools to impact the security and productivity of the individuals within their company.

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Positively Impact Employee Productivity
The Internet makes nearly everything available instantly. Shopping, major news & sporting events and social media are at your employees’ fingertips at any time during the workweek. There is a definite time and place for these non-work-related activities to take place, but sometimes these habits can make their way into your employees’ workday, wasting valuable time, without them even realizing the extent to which it’s decreasing their productivity. Flextivity provides a way to monitor activity on company Macs to provide insights that can help business owners identify trends and respond appropriately.


Manage Your Company Macs from One Dashboard
Flextivity allows business owners to manage all their Macs from a cloud-based administrative dashboard; accessible anywhere they are connected to the Internet. No more worrying about having to manage multiple licenses that renew at different times.


Easy to Set up. Easy to Use.
Flextivity is easily installed onto any business’s Macs with just a few clicks. No additional set up is required to begin using Flextivity. Preset policies make securing all your company’s computers a snap. Dashboard reporting gives instant insights into your employee application and website usage, providing valuable insights.


Easily Accessible and Guaranteed
With no set up fees or long-term contracts, Flextivity is accessible to most businesses who understand that security is important. Choose from low monthly or annual pricing that allow for volume discounts.

What’s Included in Flextivity Complete?

Flextivity Complete provides business owners with a centralized way to manage both Mac security and employee productivity from a cloud-based management console.


Device Security
Worry-free protection from Mac & PC malware and viruses, and from unknown devices and applications trying to access your files.


Web Filtering
Rich category-based filtering will block inappropriate sites, or more flexible logging of potentially-inappropriate visits.


Application Access
Application whitelists and blacklists control which applications can be used on company devices.


Network Time Access (Web Access Limits)
Flexible scheduling of Internet access.


Screenshot Capture
Event-triggered screenshot recording captures context around suspicious activity.


Activity Reporting
Detailed activity reports show which applications and websites you and your team members spend time on.


Automatic Scans and Around-the-Clock Protection
Flextivity scans files whenever they’re accessed and automatically checks for the latest updates to make sure you’re protected against the newest Mac or Windows threats.


Location-Aware Policies
Flextivity provides support for employees on the go with flexible policies. Use preset policies or create custom ones that take into account varying levels of restriction or protection while connected to different networks.


Respond to Non-Work-Related Activity Trends
Activity reporting allows business owners to see activity trends on a company wide or individual level to give insights to how employees are spending their time. Application access, network access and web filtering with location based policies that allow business owners to promote common sense limits in the workplace while allowing for more flexibility elsewhere. Event-triggered screenshot capture helps gain context around unusual activity.