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Flextivity Secure

Think of it as protection from above

Business owners have enough to worry about. Setting up complicated security software, keeping track of licenses and worrying about software updates shouldn’t be on the to-do list. Flextivity Secure is easily installed and offers a low-cost, simple way to manage basic security policies — such as anti-malware and network firewall settings — across the Mac OS X computers in their organization through a cloud-based management console.

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Easy to Set up. Easy to Use.
Made specifically for the unique needs of business owners who need to focus on business, not security, Flextivity provides best-in-industry malware protection for Mac computers. All devices are managed from a cloud-based, unified dashboard and built by Mac security experts for Mac lovers.
Easily Accessible and Guaranteed
With no set up fees or long-term contracts, Flextivity is accessible to most businesses who understand that security is important. Choose from low monthly or annual pricing that allow for volume discounts. Best of all, Flextivity allows business owners to manage all their Macs from a cloud-based administrative dashboard without having to worry about managing different licenses.

What’s Included in Flextivity Secure?

flerx dashboard
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Flextivity Secure provides worry-free protection for all your Mac devices — know they are protected against malware and unwanted intruders trying to access them. Administrative console allows for centralized deployment of security policies to all devices.


Install pre-configured security policies within a few clicks for worry-free malware protection.


24/7 Protection with Automatic Scans
Flextivity Secure scans files whenever they’re accessed and automatically checks for the latest updates to make sure you’re protected against the newest Mac threats as well as any Windows threats.


Two-Way Firewall
Full-time network protection and application monitoring for anti-spyware measures, helping identify rogue application accessing the Internet to act as zombies, expose your confidential information, or act as backdoors into your computer.


Pre-Configured Policies with Smart Default Rules for Fast Installation
Choose the level of protection that’s right for your business with Flextivity pre-configured anti-virus and network rules.


Location-Aware Network Protection
Flextivity provides support for employees on the go with flexible network policies. Use preset policies or create custom ones that take into account varying levels of protection while connected to different networks.