Modecom FreePC

Personal computer that can be hidden in your pocket

MODECOM Free PC is a compact size and easily fits in the hand, the latest generation of mini-computer. In the size of a USB flash drive we have put the power and performance of a normal-size PC. Despite the small size of the structure MODECOM FreePC is equipped with powerful quad-core processor power Intel® Atom Bay Trail-CR Z3735F, with 2GB of RAM and integrated Intel HD graphics. MODECOM FreePC is controlled by the operating system Microsoft Windows 8.1™. This renowned system platform makes our device extremely powerful tool for both business and education.



What to want more? It’s as simple as Windows®

FreePC is high-performance multimedia device controlled by Microsoft® Windows™ 8.1 operating system. This renowned system makes from our device extremely powerful tool for both business and education.

Microsoft® Office 365™

In addition to its operating system, a full version of one of the most popular office software in the world: Microsoft® Office 365™ is installed on the device.

10.000 GB Cloud storage

Microsoft® Office 365™ Personal suite gives you many benefits and profits. Thanks to this you get an additional 10.000 GB of OneDrive cloud storage. From now on you can save all important documents, photos, videos or music in one place and easily open it on your tablet anytime you want. Free access to the  OneDrive within the annual subscription.


Perfect solution at your home

MODECOM FreePC is a product which thanks to its small size will be a perfect choice for people who live in even the smallest apartment. Simply plug it into an available HDMI connector on the TV or monitor, connect to a WiFi network and connect to the power supply via the supplied cable to a moment, and then gain access to the rich world of multimedia entertainment.


Perfect for business

MODECOM FreePC is an excellent device also for business applications. Outstanding technical parameters, combined together with a compact design makes MODECOM FreePC ultra-portable device with a wide range of applications. Thanks to the HDMI connector it can be connected to TVs, monitors, projectors, or other advanced touch screens. In this way it will be appreciated by account managers or salesmen. MODECOM FreePC can also be used in service shops, restaurants, public places and in all places with limited space.


Connect computer accessories without cable

Outstanding technical parameters of our FreePC as well as ability to connect a wide range of accessories make our device a great productivity tool! Moreover, thanks to the Bluetooth module you can connect your computer accessories (mouse, keyboard) to FreePC without using tangling cables.



Internet connection also provides a built-in Wi-Fi module which works with 802.11 b/g/s standards. This highest quality module, provides comfortable browsing through web pages and smooth playback on-line HD movies.


Quad Core Intel® Atom™ Z3735F CPU

FreePC is a device of exceptional performance and efficiency. In the heart of this machine we placed latest generation Intel® Atom™ Z3735F CPU with clock frequency up to 1.83 GHz per each core.


Energy-saving and environment-friendly technology

In MODECOM FreePC we put very efficient components making it a mini-size personal computer, while having a low demand for electricity.


High-capacity 16 GB Flash disk for your favorite multimedia files

Internal flash disc with capacity of 16GB, let you store large amounts of your favorite multimedia files ( movies, photos, music).


Micro SD/SDHC card reader supporting up to 32GB

Internal storage can be enlarged easily by using built-in microSD card reader with support up to 32GB micro SDHC. This means a maximum total of 40 GB.


Two USB 2.0 port (one USB mini, second USB micro)

Thanks to this feature, FreePC can works with an external 3G modems. It means that thanks to this device and 3G modem, you can browse the Internet always where you in range of your mobile operator network. You can also easily connect external hard disk, pendrive or other accessories like mouse or keyboard.



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