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About firm Mode Com

Biuro MODECOM Company’s History:

MODECOM S.A. has been in Poland since 1999. We started out as a leading PC case designer and manufacturer. Ever since the beginning we have been working with the best sector professionals who have greatly contributed to the top quality of our market leading products – PC cases and power supply devices. In 1999 we opened the European sales office in Poland, right at the heart of Europe where the roads cross. This proved to be a good decision as we are now able to easily deliver our excellent service and technical support to largest IT businesses across Europe. We were soon to see the first effects by signing major contracts with the Europe’s top PC producers and hardware distributors. Thinking ahead, in 2001 we developed our own production facilities in China to increase production capacity while maintaining top quality typical to Korean products. To achieve that, we work with the best Korean specialists to supervise our production process, and additionally we import most raw materials from Korea. All this allows MODECOM S.A. to offer its clients top quality products at highly competitive prices.

Magazyn MODECOM 2 Working for success:

With the future in mind, MODECOM constantly invests earned capital into company development and broadening of the range of new products. In 2003 the company started a production of 2.1 and 5.1 speaker systems, which gainedgreat popularity. Our own design facilities allow the company to introduce every year nearly 50 new, original models. Rare and unique design in connection with using only the best raw materials as well as perfect management leads to 100% yearly increase of the commercial turnover. Such success results from the permanent hard work and internal control as well as the great care over the design, new technological solutions and the quality. As long as it exists, MODECOM is the leader in introducing new solutions. Many times we have been introducing numerous innovations in our products, which have been adopted later by almost all PC case producers. Apart from innovativeness and taking care of the quality, one of our greatest advantages is the design. As the company leading its roots from the design company, right from the beginning we became the leader in introducing new design solutions. Numerous PC cases produced by other Chinese factories are to a significant extent inspired by our design – or even they are just exact copies of our best products!

Magazyn MODECOM Market position:

MODECOM is undoubtedly the current world leader in production and sales of the PC cases. We deliver more and more cases to the biggest PC producers and hardware distributors, pushing the other well-known brand names out of their offer. MODECOM in Warsaw delivers directly from its warehouses to the whole of Europe, thanks to the permanent availability of products. We currently are the only one PC case producer in Europe, which has its own, modern assembly shop. This means, we are able to provide the constant availability, thus eliminating frequent product shortages and the necessity of long waits due to the sea transport – the features that are characteristic to other companies.

The future:

Taking into consideration years of experience of our professional staff and their business knowledge, as well as the excellent management and company policy, we can be sure MODECOM fulfills any requirement in technology, design, quality and quantity and satisfies the customer with our products and their very competitive price. In the nearest future, after expanding our assembling plant we will be in a position to offer the delivery of any quantity of selected PC cases at any time and to any place in Europe. We intend to conquer new markets and to increase our share in existing ones. Our company exhibits at every important computer fair in the world, each time presenting new models, being unchanging in the center of the visitor’s focus. This results not only from our unrivalled technical quality and perfect design, but as well as from the very favorable terms of cooperation, delivery and warranty, MODECOM offers to its customers.

We are pleased to supply the growing community of satisfied clientsand hope some day you will join this group too.

Awards and Prizes

MODECOM won three prestigious awards during the Distree EMEA 2015 event in Monte Carlo.