PXS Unique Positioning within the Channel

  • Over the past year, PXS UK has used its extensive security market knowledge, based on its domination of the security market in Africa, to grow its security category significantly.
  • Part of this growth has been through the growth of our reseller channel on all 3 key sectors, being consumer, OEM and business. What this means is that we are now established as a key security provider to our reseller channel, and are able to take all new vendors to market quickly and effectively.
  • One of the driving factors in this growth has been the way we operate within the channel. We are not simply a box shifter like traditional distribution, we have a proactive approach to the channel and strongly believe that without direct communication to our resellers, we cannot succeed.
  • This means that when we launch a new product, we do not just add it to our price list and expect orders to be placed, we run partner launch events and road shows, where we are able to engage with resellers directly and provide them with all relevant product information, pricing and initial sales training. If resellers are not able to attend these events, we contact them via our telesales team.
  • This enables us to speak to all of our active resellers within 2 weeks and our entire database of over 9000 resellers, within 2 months of launch.
  • Despite our relative small footprint in the UK market, the financial backing we have through First Technology Group, has enabled us to be far more aggressive and grow into the changing channel structure.

Key Channel Accounts

• Retail relationships:

  • Amazon, DSGi, eBuyer,, and others.

• Distribution:

  • Koch Media, Gem Distribution, Ingram Micro, Computers Unlimited, Interactive Ideas, QBSD, Sigma, Douglas Stewart, e92plus and others

• Key Reseller Accounts:

  • Insight, Misco, Bytes Technologies, MicroMail(IE), PC Ware,, Ramesys, Pugh, Integra and others

• Our resellers also include the following:

  • 9000 IT Support and SMB Resellers
  • Supply all leading VARS
  • 500+ Mom and Pop retailers

• We can reach and talk to every active reseller on our books within two weeks of new product launch and can meet with all key retail, distribution and reseller accounts within 1 month.

PXS Internal Channel Structures:

• Management
CEO – Simon Campbell-Young
Channel Director – Robert Hall
Security Channel Manager – Dave Sharples
CE Channel Manager – Ian Vermeulen
Marketing Manager – David Botha
PR – Kathryn Lamb

• Sales Teams

  • As our range grows, so does our team. Each vendor has a team of staff dedicated to their range within our channel.
  • Each team includes a sales manager, admin and support. This allows each team to operate effectively for the vendor and independently of the rest of the vendor teams.
  • Since each team is dedicated to a vendor, they are not selling competing products which means no vendor is simply an “also ran” within the business.

PXS Internal Channel Structures:


  • A compliment of 5 outbound telesales staff each making on average 50 calls per day.

• Direct communication is key to our sales and conversion rate success. Our telesales instructions are as follows:

  • Call Reseller and introduce new product to sales manager
  • Follow up with email outlining all detail discussed
  • Follow up a week later confirming client has all detail required.
  • Offer training and marketing material to assist reseller in sales. Request they send a mail shot to their client base.
  • Work on end-user lead generation program whereby we bring sales to resellers to get them active in new product set.
  • Repeat.

• Cape Town x 3 Outbound
• Johannesburg x 2 Outbound


  • We understand that in order to succeed, you need to have a strong retail market, as well as a very strong channel. You are only able to achieve this if you have a clear and simple channel structure.
  • We sell to all levels within the channel, the reason for this is that while we have a constantly growing reseller base, we do not have direct access to each and every reseller in the country.
  • The reason for our strong channel growth is due to the fact that we do not have a tiered structure, resellers are able to buy at the same price regardless of whether they can buy large volumes or not, by doing this, we make it possible for all our resellers to get the best possible pricing and then compete on a level playing field for sales.
  • This also allows our resellers to compete with large retailers. The understanding is that while we run ongoing promotions in retail, these promotions raise the profile of the products and drive sales back to our resellers, so it is a win/win scenario for all.
  • When we sell through our distribution partners, we ensure that our overall channel pricing structure is maintained by establishing a set margin structure with our distribution partners, which means their resellers can buy at the same cost whether they buy from us direct or from distribution.
  • The reason this structure has brought success is because it works for all levels within the channel.
  • The advantage this gives our vendors is that it protects them from entering a price war between the various players in the channel.
  • This channel structure only works if PXS has exclusive rights for a product

PXS Support Summary

• General Support

  • Our call centre handles all customer related queries including RMF and facilitating the return process of potentially faulty units.
  • Fully functional technical support available for all consumers and direct PXS clients.
  • National swap outs facilitated by PXS Logistics.

• Marketing Support

  • Graphic Design and Web Development services available for our customers.
  • Marketing tools and paraphernalia available to our clients to ensure increase in sales.
  • Fully complimented marketing department to plan, implement and report back on MDF spend.

• PR and Social Media

  • PXS works with a dedicated PR agencies who looks after software and hardware product families respectively.
  • Our social media company is active and responsible for making sure all our digital and online material is relevant and up to date.