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WebSite X5 Professional 11 is the Perfect Solution for Creating Websites, Blogs and Online Stores.

Optimized for search engines and fully functional on tablets and smartphones. In addition, it is complete with an app for mobile devices!


Designed for those who need to create professional websites, WebSite X5 Professional 11 maintains the structure of a guided tour, but has loads of extra tools and advanced features. The result is an amazing combination of simplicity and power.

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• It’s intuitive: you’ll see the results as soon as you start, without spending time learning how to use the software.

• Concentrate on the contents and layout: the code in HTML5 + CSS 2.1/3 is generated automatically, and conforms to standards.

• Delegate updates: you’ll have full charge of the project, but you can delegate minor changes to others, to be done directly online.

• There are over 1,500 default templates and 200,000 royalty-free photos to choose from: if you want, you can create your own templates.

• Everything is ready to use, but you can always make changes and add your own personal touch: the offline previews will help you check you’re going in the right direction.

• If you want to, you can intervene on the code: the possibilities are endless and you can develop your projects as you wish.

• Create complete and state-of-the-art websites: galleries, pictures, e-mail form, online shopping carts, members’ areas, multilanguage websites… It’s all at your fingertips.

• Create optimized websites, ready for search engines: thanks to the clean code, appropriate tags, microdata, sitemaps and robot.txt, your pages will rank high in the SERPs.

• Create websites that are suitable for mobile devices, complete with an app: you don’t have to duplicate anything and websites and online stores will work perfectly on mobiles and support touch technology.

• It’s an all-in-one solution, including everything you’ll need: development tools, and a professional webhosting service.

• It’s the ideal solution for everyone: it reduces time and costs and you will be able to accept projects that you might otherwise have lost.



This app offers a value-added service: a website that displays and functions correctly on a mobile device, and complete with an app.

The FeedReady app is ready and free for both iOS and Android: link it to your blog or RSS feeds and invite users to download it so they can receive all your news on their tablets and smartphones.


Import the product list and create the catalog, configuring all the necessary information: descriptions, costs, variants, photos, availability, etc. You have all the tools you need to present products in their best light and set up the purchasing process, deciding on delivery and payment methods and current promotions, using coupons, if you want.


Use the Dynamic contents feature so that others can update them, as for the CMS, working directly online. You maintain complete control over the project, with the advantage that clients don’t have to depend on you for small changes.


Let users register online to members’ areas so that, once they have validated their e-mail address, they can access the areas that require a login and password. You can store the data in a database and handle registration through the online Control Panel.


Use the available options to improve the optimization of website pages and contents: pictures, videos, products, etc. Before going online, use the project analysis features to further improve optimization.


Activate the bundled web-hosting service: 12 months of web space, broadband, databases and unlimited e-mails, as well as hosting and managing all the domains you want through the control panel.





icn_metatag (1)
If you don’t want to publicize the program you used to create a site, remove the Metatag from the code of each page.
Project management
Easily organize all your Projects in folders: this makes it faster and easier to find and open the ones you want to work on.
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Project Backup
Make backup copies of your projects manually or automatically: you’ll always have a copy to restore if necessary.
Sitemap.xml and Robots.txt
Use the Sitemap.xml and robots.txt files generated by the program to allow site indexing by search engines such as Google.
Site Map
Mark incomplete pages as “under construction”: you’ll be able to see them in the preview but they won’t be published online.
Tab View
Use the Text and Tables Tab view to show them in a limited space. The Tabs support Touch browsing on Mobile devices.
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Picture galleries
Create video and photo galleries: they support full-screen viewing and Touch movements. Try our 360° Object Rotation Gallery.
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E-mail Forms
Create simple or complex e-mail forms: you can lay them out on more than one page, set up various send methods and integrate them with a database.
Video Compatibility
Import versions saved in different formats for each Video/Audio: during browsing, the best format for the browser in use will be chosen.
icn_video (1)
Product List
Create one or more catalogs: you can add ribbons to highlight special offers and new entries.
Coupons & Discounts
Set up discounts in your store at a fixed rate/percentage, or use discount coupons on single items or a complete order.
icn_coupon (1)
Product Availability
Specify the availability of a product in stock: this increases service quality and the likelihood of a sale.
icn_blog (1)
Blog & Feed RSS
Create a Blog or activate an RSS Feed and use the online Control Panel or the Facebook and Disqus services to manage comments.
Integrate databases into your project to store messages that arrive via e-mail, the guestbook and the website’s blog.

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